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Thank you for visiting Heunghwa Machinery Industry

As a leader in vertical type injection molding machine of exclusive use of insert,heunghwa machine co.,ltd has always stood out as one of the best in the
product development since established in 1979.

Heunghwa was chosen as INNO-BIZ and venture company on Nov.2007 with passion&sincerity based on customer value and human centered environment-friendly anagement,
realization of quality management in order to taking-off to set our’s sights on the world market. We developed vertical type injection molding machine by using 'HYBRID' system
in order to make up for the weak points about previous the first motor operated injection molding machine through research and development.

In addition to this, Now we are supply an injection molding machine of exclusive use of silicon and blending feeder of silicon to keep the environmental conservation
according to the diversification of world market.
we will continue our’s efforts to meet all our customer’s requirements.


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